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bsg slashathon

Grab Bag: Week 2

bsg slashathon

bsg slashathon
BSG Slash-A-Thon

Grab Bag: Week 2

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STOCK. jars of life;
Hello darlings! Hopefully we're all experiencing that post-episode glow by now. (And if not, perhaps post-episode fic-inspiring rage?) I'm here with week two of your grab bag prompts! We got off to a slow start, but that's okay! There's much more to come!

→ If you missed last week and want to know what the frak I'm talking about, see this post.
Don't worry! Been working on prompts from a previous week and just haven't gotten to those finishing touches? Feel free to post them any time during the entire grab bag event.
→ In need of [or are willing to be] a beta reader? This post may be of help you.
→ One to add. If you're more comfortable posting your fic [or a link to it] as a comment to the weekly grab bag post rather than in a separate post to the comm? You're welcome to do so.

Week 2 Prompts

"The future has a way of arriving unannounced."
- George Will


(click for bigger)


(use any or all)
cavern, sink, steel, sunlight, shave, red

chief galen tyrol


(be inspired by the lyrics, the sound, the emotion, the beat, or just whatever you think of when you listen to the song, etc.)

Lies, The Black Keys
DL @ box.net
You said the moon was ours, yeah
Said the moon was ours, to hell with the day
The sunlight is only gonna take love away

Raise up suspicions and, and alibies
But I can see blue, tear-blinded eyes
Lies, lies, lies, ohh lies

I got a stone where my heart should be
I got a stone where my heart should be
And nothing I do will make you love me
I'd leave this time, break all my ties
Be no more use for any disguise
Lies, lies, lies, ohh lies

I wanna die without pain, yeah
I wanna die, oh, without pain
All this deception, man I just cant maintain
The sun, moon, the stars in the sky
It'd hurt me too bad if you said goodbye
Lies, lies, lies, ohh lies

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