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bsg slashathon

because somebody's gotta do it

BSG Slash-A-Thon
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Some fandoms are overrun with male/male slash. Battlestar Galactica (2003)... is not exactly one of them.

We'd love to see that change.

Slash isn't (just) about the sex. We find all these male characters fascinating, so how could a story about two of them not be twice as good? We figured if there's not a lot of m/m slash out there, we should find a way to get more of it written. So that's what we're here to do: put people's fic-writing brains on a path to slashy goodness.

Our first slash-a-thon was a success and we hope to have more in the future! Keep an eye out for upcoming events!

We're here to provide you with motivation, including discussion posts about slash in the BSG fandom and about how to make this canon-defying business work. And fun stuff, too: we'll have links to slash-inspiring scenes from the show, posts to squee about pairings and potential pairings, and a call for slash recs.

RULES, etc.
The rules around here are simple.

{x} Abide by the posting guidelines in posting your story. (Warnings, spoilers, etc.)

{x} Please keep your posts on topic. What is allowed? → Aside from any fic written for any of our challenges and events, slashy picspams, discussions, ship manifestos, topic-y questions for your fellow writers/readers, etc. are always welcome here. What is not allowed → Simply, don't advertise unrelated work. (Including icons and fic.) When it comes to posting fic, please only post fic that is written for an event held at this community. If you want to advertise unrelated work, you can always post that at bsg_slash and many other bsg-related communities. It's not that we don't love the hell out of all bsg slash, it's just that we want this community to be for discussion and fic-writing events. If you'd like to advertise another community or event, please contact one of our maintainers to get permission before posting.

{x} Don't be an asshat. (We've learned a thing or two about airlocking from watching Laura Roslin; don't make us prove it.)

{x} Enjoy yourself. (After all, isn't that why we read/write in the first place?)

Not a writer? Come join us anyway! Read, discuss, inspire, lovingly prod. :)

Note: while we have no problems with femmeslash, this community and challenge is for m/m slash only… especially since LJ already has two active femmeslash communities: bsg_femslash and getyourtoaster (a home for mini ficathons).


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